Monday, June 29, 2020

Sam Divine - DVINE Sounds Virtual Festival

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday on a cloudy day in Atlanta; I don't know if it's the clouds or the Godzilla Sahara Dust Storm..

It's going down in conjunction with the ongoing smoke and mirrors twin concerning the twin pandemics of Covid 19 and systemic racism, we're caught up in the ongoing storm..

Dropping the funk son!! that's our function rebuking the horrors / terrors with this sound and the good word..

Breakbeat scientific principles followed similar to CDC guidelines concerning that coronavirus?  even though the pursuit of the prize aka reopening America is underway we're masking and social distancing but most of all we're sheltering in place; you heard?

Breakbeat scientists with this breaking news? going for mine, still O-Dog Day Partying listening to Sam Divine per the  DVINE Sounds Virtual Festival

Check out the playlist and the mix, this is courtesy of Defected Records, respect what occurs!! this is whats up / what it do!!

01. Sam Divine Show Opener
02. Huxley & Shenoda - Premier
03. Kiddy Smile - Teardrops (Alex Virgo Remix)
04 Copyright - He Is (Alaia & Gallo Dub Mix)
05 Brokenears - The Game
06 Nautica - Love Question
07 Kormak - Lets Talk About It
08 Amira - My Desire (Sam Divine Remix) 
09 David Penn - Big Love (Big Love For Janet Edit)
10 Tom Bug & Adre Espeaut - Love Wide Open
11 Deeptrak - Bouncin Tears (Edit)
12 Huxley & Javi Bora - You're Everything Rouge Remix)
13 2 Sides Of Soul - Strong
14 OFFAIAH - Play It By Ear
15 Louie Vega & Martinez Brothers Feat. Marc E Bassy - Let It Go
16 Lionel Richie - All Night Long

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