Thursday, June 04, 2020

Funky Vibes Mix 2020 - Dj XS Funk, Hip Hop, House & Latin Jazz Summer Essentials

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a  Thankful Thursday aka a Throwback Thursday: of course we'll be retro - futuristic with it..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; please!! going back to the future is a method used to deal with it..

Toil and strife goes on and on, check out the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the protests concerning George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Jokers with the knife or dagger showing swagger couldn't surprise us like Drew Brees we knew the style / steez; discussions are not arbitrary..

Not acting brand new with these, this good word and percussions will tell the story!! we're listening to these Funky Vibes Mix 2020 - Dj XS Funk, Hip Hop, House & Latin Jazz Summer Essentials ..

Check out the playlist and the mix;, we're O-Dog Day Partying in the midst of the madness!! for physical, mental and spiritual health? it's essential..

1. The Found Sound Orchestra - (Scream) For What It's Worth 2. Dj Format & MC Topaze Chantilly - Blue Topaze 3. Lack of Afro feat Kennzo - Bad Ass Self 4. Q Tip - Breathe & Stop (second Hand Audio Remix) 5. The Pharcyde - Oh Shit! 6. The Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That 7. Mustafa Akbar - Resist (Fort Knox Five Remix) 8. Prosper Stabfinger - Lucky Six ft Lions Pride 9. Wam - Everything Boasty (Dj XS Bad Boy Remix) 10. Monika - Secret in the Dark (Juan Maclean Remix) 11. Kampana - Vitoria Regia Estou Contigo E Nao Abro 12. Eli Escobar - I Love Rochelle 13. M - Machistador (MikeandTess Edit) 14. Monsieur Van Pratt - Let's Dance 15. Ikare - Baila Mi Ritmo 16. Flying Rejam - Toy Tonics 17. Jay Vegas - Break Ya Down (Crazibiza Remix) 18. The Funk District - Everybody Say Hey 19. Brothers in Arts - The Bald & The Bearded M 20. KC & the Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man (Michael Elyot Edit) 21. Mark Lower - Retro Futurism 22. From Beyond - Protostar 23. Karl F - Future Express (Rolf Royce Oddvar Bra K Remix) 24. Joe Smooth - Promised Land 25. Liem - If Only

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