Sunday, June 21, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part Four)

Taking a look at things, noticed that it all falls apart like Trump rallies out in Tulsa; Tik Tok Teens and K-Pop Stans  to blame? 

Faking?  a crook thought they had things under control, no heart shown concerning Covid - 19 and systemic racism? we realize it's all game!

Breaking out / busting out  of L-7 square like Rick James mentioned paying attention as it all falls apart; the earthquake in Tulsa a  preview / preliminary round?

Tulsa? sacred grounds per the Greenwood area / Black Wall Street,  not to forget Juneteeth?  meanwhile we'll put it down from Atlanta to y'alls street dropping this good word plus  the earth will quake when we drop the sound..

From  up on 26th and Broadway or Greenwood Avenue in Louisville  to University Avenue here in Atlanta I Can't Breathe t-shirts are rocked by those the system hurts..

...Breonna Taylor and David McAtee represented Louisville while Rayshard Brooks did Atlanta; previously? Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd showed us how the system works..

The system will stack layers and more layers on, it's hard for players to get their game on!!  the weight of the world on our shoulders? 

How are you living as it all falls apart? prayers on top of prayers are needed on this Sunday morning or whenever; ancestors remembered as we stand on their shoulders..

How are you living as it all falls apart? trying to make a new start per the Summer Solstice /  Solar Eclipse? beauty beholders with the positive / thankful mindset  in the midst of the ugliness / madness should go far..

Being realistic as it all fall apart;  shadetree mechanics will try to tighten screws but it's old news!! they just adjusted the glass ceiling, plus they raised the bar..

Dealing with it!! shade is thrown by fanatics trying to fire us like Bill Barr vs Geoffrey Berman in the SDNY, caught up in a lie? 

Dealing with it; it all falls apart but there's a new beginning the Lord is in the blessing business, so at the end of the day we're winning; why ask why? 

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