Thursday, June 25, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part Five)

Things were shaking like the 7.5 magnitude  Oaxaca earthquake in Mexico or even the 5.8 earthquake near Los Angeles..

Some were faking;  check the Bill Barr attitude as justice is at stake!! him and Trump didn't want to let it go!! we know what the angle is...

It all falls apart as members of the Justice Department fight the power like Public Enemy by speaking before Congress...

It all falls apart, karma dismembers crooked hearted strategies from a corrupt entity; it's all part of the ongoing madness..

It all falls apart, who remembers the time like Michael Jackson when it was fair in the sport or has there always been a negative reaction? reflecting on this Throwback Thursday..

It all falls apart, like no protections from a speedy deportation  for asylum seekers as Trump continues to attack immigration; in this nation? the oppressed are wondering, who'll work with me?

Same as those dealing with the twin pandemics, Covid 19 and systemic racism; meanwhile jokers are protecting Confederate monuments like it's protecting old Gran Torinos like Clint Eastwood;  meanwhile it's famine or feast in the hood!

Projecting anger on the next man,  but O-Dizzle will jam!!  hes got funk like a bag of Doritos! check the sonic assault!! blasting back at the beast; meanwhile O-Zone has that word that's good!

What hood? please!! we're representing from Louisville to Atlanta to Minneapolis, somebody will understand us as we drop this little "something something";  this is how we get down!

What's good? Lord Help! Lord Help!  is the battle cry!!! utilized as the the drama continues to go down!

What's good? we continue to try, we're not quitting / stopping but not surprised that it all falls apart..

Up to no good? oh yes!! that's the standard operating procedure for these earthlings, showing that they don't have a heart!!

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