Thursday, June 11, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part Two)

What's that noise I hear? it all falls apart!!  it seems like the foundation is shifting along with priorities; a new normal in hostile territories?

Losing our poise due to the instigation? Black Lives Matters protests from Australia to Minneapolis? who'll be with us /  "holla at us"?  some mentioned agent provocateurs   and hostile takeovers!!

....movements co-opted? as it all falls apart this black man lets the masses know, he'll "holla atcha" with the sound, he cosmic slops it!! the hostile takeover was mentioned in the mix..

Check this movement: science? we dropped it like Jefferson Davis confederate monuments in Richmond!! rich with it son!! we're still getting breakbeat scientific!!

Checked the movement, signs and signals interpreted as it all falls apart!  some misbehave with this and that like Trump and his so called reopen America plan even though Covid -19 is still on the rise..

Checked the movement, signs and signals interpreted; that herd immunity strategy? they're trying to work it as they continue their pursuit of the prize...

Checked the improvement, signs and wonders per the diplomatic immunity  or God's blessings! energized like  Duke Energy!! per this Throwback Thursday? reminded of rolling through Raleigh - Durham saw how my people were working rocking Duke Blue Devil  gear!  respect shown!!

.... but I didn't  crossover like Allen Iverson's  dribble!! still rocking Louisville Cardinal gear even though the struggle is real in the Ville per Breonna Taylor and David McAtee; I had to tell some.

 The game is over? it all falls apart?  some don't understand, later on it will hit them / they'll catch on after they're in trouble / the system sets them up; but some aren't wise to it!

A brotha gets scientific, doing the forensics as it all fall apart; clearing my mind earlier walking through these Gemini sun rays, ready for the next episode / occasion that comes up?  I'll  rise to it.

Check out this forensic rhetoric on a Throwback Thursday; poetic justice? that's how these work will be as we rebuke these naysayers..

Bearing witness as it all falls apart; the run is over for some; now stressed!!  its a good time to say prayers!

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