Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Twilight Downtown | JazzHop

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way.

Actually? it's been a great day, I claimed  the terrific outcome, celebrated by pulling out the drum but being real about it? realized we're still in the fray..

...nerves are frayed from Seattle to here in the ATL!! it's dealt with from Louisville to Minneapolis..

I keep mentioning the twin pandemics of Covid -19 and systemic racism, my constituents? they know the deal, no need to "holla at us"

Meanwhile we're back with this!! listening to this Twilight Downtown | JazzHop mix courtesy of Fantastic Music..

Check the playlist and the mix, chilling out with this after being in Downtown Atlanta earlier checking out the boarded up buildings as commerce is yielding to the social uprising!! some say for change? it's conducive!!

00:00 Zmeyev - Every Night
02:15 Mr.Käfer X Flitz&Suppe - Phoenix
04:20 Mr. Käfer - Closing Things
06:30 Misc.Inc - You. Forever 
08:20 Alcynoos & Parental - Forsake 
10:31 Remulak & Heather Grey - Ocean Atlantic
12:43 Alcynoos - Gravitate 
14:20 Lunchbag - Cortile 
16:33 MaxOne - 4 ur Mind
18:01 Melvin Alex - Astral 
20:16 Stan Forebee - Serene 
22:16 Easy Deviance - The Nest 
25:40 KVMTZ - No Stress
27:38 Devaloop & Samura Loré - Scions

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