Friday, April 28, 2023

The Mothership Gets Good Mileage (Part Nine)

 It's going down on this Fabulous Friday as we drop knowledge like that pentagon leaker but it's from our archives it's all legal; we'll pull up in the mothership that gets good mileage!

Per Flashback Friday memories and terminology we're staying on point, we already know how foul it can get!

It's like grand juries questioning Mike Pence about January 6th trying to make it make sense! jokers are out here doing what they like rolling like Humpty and Digital Underground, pursuing endless pleasure but they're lacking vitality. 

Money, power and greed were also factors, but when they drove those vehicles did they measure the situation's volatility?

What about the validity?  indeed! I even see them out here on my runway to the universe on I-20 in Atlanta but sometimes I couldn't understand another; time was such a terrible thing to waste!

AI couldn't help, the Boston Celtics even came to town and shutdown the Atlanta Hawks! due to technicalities things get technical plus they couldn't cut and paste!

Where did he go? they ask, I lost them moving fast as the mothership gets good mileage from Atlanta to wherever you are!

Prayers are sent up for Sudan I see how some are playing per wars and rumors of wars!

Visualizing the sequence as the mothership gets good mileage fighting visions of empty tomorrows while taking moments of rest.

Its all game as I peep this, trying to stay grounded not out here climbing a tower of sorrow when I'm stressed. 

Refused to continue that strategy, refused to be caught up in the system  / matrix per plans of the apparatus, no more!

Winds of change tickled the wind chime, per Teddy Riley and the Winans its about that time! the mothership is fired up it gets good mileage as lights no longer blinked on the instrument panel!  I'm going with the flow. 

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