Saturday, April 28, 2012

Information Overload Pt. 2

Peeping game; doing the knowledge...trying to analyze the information! 

Whats the prognosis?  the assignment? I chose this!! some are surprised at the transformation! 

As I transcend and transform; its the act of the greatest courage!

Reality will send the stimulus..monitored due to CISPA?  but the information overload can discourage!

Actually some know what the deal is...slick like John Edwards? they had the gist of it....the street code is maintained; even though snitching seems to be in fashion! 

The saga struggle continues; check the economy..with so called titans were clashing! 

Fashion police are mad!!! colors are clashing plus the thought police are mad because we Remember The Titans like Denzil Washington! 

.....Plus feeling the wrath of the titans; from Syria, the Gaza Strip, ...from Sudan to Washington! 

Whats up son? whatcha dealing with? that's what they ask me...its rough like New York Knicks vs Miami Heat in the playoffs...I told them I'm analyzing the information! 

But there will be no overload!! even though the strands of information are coming in too fast; peep my transformation! 

Peep my mode of transportation; the mothership was rolling!!! but now its stranded down here on earth! 

Was it broke down like Fords because of broken spark plugs? man peeps down here are struggling!! the rich get richer and the poor get poorer; whose waiting on the rebirth? 

Whats it all worth?  printouts were studied with the data circled in red! 

Whats it all worth?  due to the information overload some are waiting in the dark; they were misled! 

.....By false prophets just out for profits; just gamblers out for a fast buck! 

.....Overloaded the masses with misinformation; then they dipped in a fast truck!

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