Monday, April 23, 2012

Information Overload

All up in the spot!! surrounded by computer printouts with red ink all over them! 

Editors and so called quality control inspectors were hot!! disputing the data that was collected...they were like the trustees of The Social Security Fund saying the money will run out in 2033...even these breakbeat scientists were disrespected; critics were all over them! 

Please!! were scientific like were working on the Hadron Collider;  we're freedom riders!! we didn't contribute to the confusion in this drones operating in American cities..but reality will control the situation....check the cash flow; checks are issued on the regular! 

Actually....we will roll up with this Sonic Assault; we can't go with the flow!! products are marked rejected and irregular! 

Word from this hot messenger!! as we get with ya... check these clearance rack epiphanies; they're dropped before there's an information overload! 

Some heard its another hot mess for ya; like the police chief in Sanford resigning but the city refusing to accept it..I face interference; like informants snitching on a drug overlord!

Bodies found in a ditch will bring Eyewitness News reporters; the information will be provided on the news at six! 

Glitches in the matrix will have some caught up...strands of information were also coming in too some are asking me what the deal is? I told them dues have been paid!! check the knowledge I kick!

I told them to check the mileage I get on the mothership...that's  until it broke down!

 ....Information overload affected the onboard computer!! sensors malfunctioned; damn!!  down here on earth is where it broke down!

The inside joke was put down by wannabe power brokers and overlords..rolling like Mitt Romney...but their functions were chaotic! 

They just contribute to the confusion in the world;  who'll get gaffled like Harden by Metta World Peace? in this world there's no justice or peace....meanwhile we drop this good word and the funk son!! check how we rock it!



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