Saturday, November 09, 2013

Going Through It / Going To It

So whats up? damn!!  the mothership was stuck on earth!!  whats it all worth?  Manny, Moe, and Jack couldn't fix it!

So this brotha gets scientific!! please!! its rough out here!!  we can't even depend on Mr Goodwrench!! but maybe O-Dizzle can fix it! 

He can do it in the mix!! whats the dizzle?  unlike Anthony Mackie; ....he's refusing to be caught up in the mix! 

A lot of peeps are going through it!  but were going to it!! where?  the safe haven / safe harbor!!  please!! were making moves like a mack will be / do...these brothas are refusing to be caught up in the system / matrix! 

A lot of peeps are going through it per bad loans from Countrywide and Bank Of America!!  after their safe havens and safe harbors were raided! 

Its like dealing with Republicans;  hatred for my people?  they harbor!!  comfort zones were invaded! 

Now we have drama on all fronts!!  out in the street!! its  local national international and even intergalactic! 

But like Afrika Bambaataa I was looking for the perfect beat!!  soon launching the Sonic Assault on a fanatic!

Check the drama..they were acting erratic they were going through something! 

They were going through it!!  meanwhile I'm going to it!!  trying to do it like Michael Jackson..wannabe starting something!!!

They were even going through it...but nothing compared to those hit by the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines..

They were going through it....but we'll keep going to it..where? to that special place..were ready to roll!! after observing these scenes..


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