Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Its Rough Out Here PT.4

So whats really going on?  please!! at the end of the day?  ....its like Ken can see that its rough out here! 

So whats really going on? per my other ain't right!!  whats that? its like the Evander Holyfield - Riddick Bowe fight back in the day...the usual danger zone escapades!! but soon I'll be outta here! 

So whats really going on?  issues are manufactured concerning Obamacare!!  Republicans are up to their old / usual  tricks!

 O-Zone has this good are broken, fractured and manufactured by O-Dizzle in response to the Total Chaos!!  knowledge is what OMANXL1 kicks! 

There's not a problem that he can't fix!! he can do it in the mix!

 But problems can still overwhelm us!! check out the debatable circumstance! 

Being built or torn down when its going down?  like the real estate con game ran by Wells Fargo...whatcha know?  one soon learns its rough out here! 

Some built an elaborate fantasy..but check out how it crashes and burns!! one soon learns its rough out here!

...but we go there!! typing this at 11:11 check out the symbols, the rites and rituals! 

As we go there...letting you know its rough out here!! but you should already know this!

If not? act like you know this...and don't Richie Incognito..

Its rough out here!! told shorty I was keeping a low profile...Incognegro...

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