Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Staying On Point..

 Once again its on!! damn!! here we are...were all up in the spot! 

Once again its on!!  like talking to Iran about their nuclear program in Geneva...were staying on point...peeping game...its easy to get victimized by the scheme or plot! 

Are you rolling with the team or not? we're schooling jokers like  Lebron James vs Mario Chalmers...what's the response from us?

All up in the spot...thought and fashion police thought they were ruling..playing games...even thought they were on to us...

We stay on point...we noticed  the fabric is not has a knot in it!! damn!!  it looks kind of ragged! 

I wasn't the one they'll anoint..I was cut from a different cloth anyway!!  smooth but the edges are jagged!

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