Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss

They said the world is yours per Nas ..that is if your willing to pay!

 Drama unfurled like Target credit card security breaches!!  reality teaches us that its all game if your willing to play! 

Diplomatic immunity can be invoked if your willing to pray to the Lord!

I dipped back to the community after being way way out there!! either out beyond Pluto or Mars..or dipping down I-20 in the Honda Accord! 

Not on one accord with those that fake it!!  like the interpreter at the Nelson Mandela memorial! 

Not on one accord with those that run off at the mouth like dude from Duck Dynasty!!  lack of knowledge is a travesty!!  word dropped in this editorial! 

It ain't nothing nice!!  but that's how the story goes!!  jokers will tear the roof off the sucker per  George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelic! 

....Or maybe like the Apollo Theatre in London are some responding?  they're paying the price for chilling out in that relic! 

In London soldiers of Allah were convicted of hacking a British soldier;  soon paying the price? 

How are we responding?  dropping this breakbeat science..but sometimes it ain't nothing nice!

How are we responding? broken beats and English is the essence of this discipline...

Paying the cost to be the boss...interfered with by the thought and fashion police...but we know how they're dealing...





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