Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Construction Site PT.5

 The construction industry has picked up!! in Atlanta I see a lot of construction sites! 

But the corruption gets to me!! please!!  jokers will get played like Crawford Lewis in Dekalb County!!  check me out as I come with these insights! 

Not acting brand new with this!! not mad like a "who dat" that is angry  because St Louis beat the Saints !!  plus there's  no gumbo / soup with crawfish on those New Orleans nights! 

Not acting brand new with this!!  no Elaborate Fantasies are built!! oh no!!  its not one of those kind of parties /  construction sites! 

A corrupt one like Megyn Kelly  and White Santa when bringing these insights?  naw!!  these clearance rack epiphanies are the ultimate bargain! 

Just in time for the holiday...whats up son? what can you tell me?  I see lights shining in dark corners by these stormtroopers and other security forces...for those jokers that are starting!

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