Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OK!! I Can See How Its Going Down

I can see how its going down...old dude over here in Decatur said  "jokers won't let you do nuthin" 

Or is it anything?  word from an extra terrestrial dealing with an earthling!! like Morsi in Egypt they were acting like they know something! 

What's the deal with it? they wannabe starting something like Michael Jackson's joint!! some might get the point! 

Whats up with me?  I ignored a my interactions!!  I already  knew I wasn't the one they would anoint! 

Like I mentioned before.....O-Dizzle will rock a funky joint like Poor Righteous Teachers! while O-Zone will drop this good word! 

Some were broke..they couldn't pay attention!!  disappointed!! bored by so called righteous / corporate preachers per Anvil....soon some lose the handle!! now spotted drinking liquor and smoking that good herb! 

Direspecting the Big fires burn in the Big Sur...soon appetites were curbed after hearing order in the court!! others were
called to attention when the so called honorable judge approached the bench! 

Insights dropped after observations..I can see how its going down!!
word from this veteran now coaching!! but like Jason Kidd spilling the drink I couldn't sit still on the bench! 

What's up kid? were doing the damn thing..funk is entrenched in my soul!! its embedded!! now sonic weapons are developed! 

I can see how its going down!! check the response!!  as I go postal!! pushing the envelope kid!

All up in the spot...I didn't have the winning ticket for the mega millions...even though one was sold down here in Georgia... 

All up in the spot...I can see how its going down...I'm in the thick of oil found at the Israel / Palestine border..



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