Sunday, December 22, 2013

They Don't Give A Flip About You!! PT.3

 The saga / struggle continues!! please!! these folk don't give a flip about you! 

Jokers were heard singing;  "I Did It My Way" Frank Sinatra!   they said they did it without you! 

Earlier you said it was all about you!!  in the ATL rolling as a Mafioso / Cosa Nostra type!!  or maybe the Teflon Don! 

Earlier you said you could predict the future like Nostradamus! so whats really going on? 

Check out what I kick to you!! like in South Sudan the drama is full blown!!  plus we deal with it from all aspects! 

Local / national / international;  and even like the ISS spacewalk?   it's intergalactic!!  you know a hater disrespects!

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