Friday, December 13, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues / Its Rough Out Here

The saga / struggle continues!! please!! winning the mega-million jackpot would help!!  its rough out here! 

The sea is unstable like there's a tsunami!! was I through dealing? the mothership?  to a safe haven safe harbor I try to steer! 

As we take it there! damn!!  somebody else was posted up in the spot! so I had to ride out! 

The sea is treacherous!! full of sharks and piranhas!  plus I'm an uncle..glad I'm not kin to Kim there any where to hide out? 

I slide out!! sliding through a portal that opened up!! that's what I'm on son!!  the Lord ordered my steps! 

Jokers lied out there!! they said its all this and that!! like they were  talking about Jacobs Ladder!!  walking up the steps! 

Its rough out there! I can't fake this!  but Louisville Ladders were climbed!!  plus I packed a Louisville Slugger! 

Bobbing / weaving / rope a doping like Muhammad Ali!!  what did you expect from a Louisville brotha?

Lobbing sonic grenades with hazardous material at jokers that didn't keep it real!! ..instead of putting it down they were out there wishing and hoping..that's where they lost me...

Jobbing...laboring collar style!! the last of a dying breed!! paying the price!! but didn't realize what it cost me!!

Robbing and stealing was Plan Z for some after they realized it's rough out here...

The saga / struggle heard me? I shouldn't have to tell you its rough out here..

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