Monday, December 30, 2013

The I-20 Chronciles / 2013 Wrap Up

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! reflecting on 2013 victories and losses! 

Flipping out down here with these earthlings? word!! but chilling out in 2014...unlike Mike Shanahan in DC..were paying costs to be the bosses! 

Tripping out down here on earth after the mothership landed?  after coin tosses by officials were determining our fate?

In Decatur jokers were stripping out the copper wire from abandoned buildings and foreclosed homes!! meanwhile politicians debate! 

A hater spoke to us;  said were too late!! accused us of being non-believers!! saying love abandoned us!!  it didn't live here anymore  per Rose Royce! 

Another had a joke for us; chilling out over on Panola Rd in Lithonia at the QT station after he was  smoking "cheeba cheeba" ...still smelled like it!! speaking with the hoarse voice! 

....after drinking that Honduras Fair Trade coffee!!  of course going off will be the strategy by this brotha in 2014! 

After thinking / reflecting about episodes in 2013..nothing was fair in the ongoing Reign Of Terror! everything wasn't working..

Rolling down I-20 not letting the apparatus run me!!  I was wise to the set up!!  aka the smoke and mirrors!

Rolling down I-20 thinking / reflecting...checked the status...the drama is going down from Russia to the Congo...check the horrors and terrors...

Michael Jackson mentioned looking at the man in the mirrors...make that change!! now I fight back with a combo...rope a doping like I was Muhammad Ali...

Might catch me in the action or I might be chilling...please!! I'm letting the Lord order my steps..thats whats up with me...

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