Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Is What We Have To Work With

The end of the day approaches; so this is what we have to work with? 

The end around play was called by slick coaches that plot and scheme like the NSA Armageddon Approaches; I guess that's what they had to work with!

 Armchair quarterbacks had their doubts; seen on Monkey Day with their monkey asses standing in corners with the "woulda"  "coulda"  "shoulda"

 Its rough out here!! quarterbacks were scrambling like Mike Vick but getting jacked up!! but I'm over it..word from a brotha! 

Time was wasted ...The Chambers Brothers told us about it!! so did Morris Day!!  plus Flavor Flav had the clock! 

Mine? it was cut and pasted after the fellow traveller exposed the check the flavor like Lebron James with the rock! 

Lines were long like at the Mrs Winners Chicken and Biscuits reopening on Glenwood Rd in rocks were sold down by the Chevron station! 

Losers and winners coincide;  all up in the spot like good and evil!! plus my people were posted up in the station!

 Like at that skycraper / jail at Memorial Drive and I-285 in Dekalb County or at the Hall of Justice in Louisville!! my people know the deal!!  its just us! 

Whats up y'all?  politicians were all the way live with fake sympathy concerning Nelson Mandela's death...asking / saying you can trust us!

Please!! I grew up with good I spent the summer where the rust was!! Detroit bankrupt?  plus the city of Oakland wasn't looking too good..

I guess this is what we have to work with...but I always seem to find a way to work pity from the street committee..but I get open..soon using that cliche...its all good..

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