Friday, December 20, 2013

Technical Difficulties PT. 6 (The Saga / Struggle Continues )

The saga / struggle 2013 for Obama? we deal with the technical difficulties! 

Looking forward to 2014 if I'm blessed to see it...but a brotha is meeting opposition from all angles!!  from intergalactic aliens to Kentucky Hillbillies!

 Even Duck Dynasty cats try to front on Target jokers will try to hack these and those!!  you know the devil will oppose!

Check these clearance rack epiphanies...word from this moving target who remembered the message!! the old school preacher taught it!! hopefully reflected in this prose! 

O-Dizzle is not devoid of funk per Sir Nose!!  he takes it to the bridge per James Brown! 

Whats the dizzle?  not paranoid!! we did the knowledge!! we learned its all game!!  that's how it goes down! 

Avoiding the earthling at the bridge..he burned it!!  now he can't get to the other side! 

How did they work things?  contributing to the technical difficulties!!  but this brotha will continue to ride!

How did they work things? what's on the menu? ...I noticed there's no where to run and hide....the waters were full of sharks and piranhas..

The technical difficulties hit up everybody...even Kobe Bryant; also local, national, international and even intergalactic...they all have their dramas..

They'll get with ya...whose defiant? they're checking you out like the NSA.. fanatics were tripping!! thought and fashion police even think they're on to us..

They'll get with whats up with these? mathematics are dropped..its a rough job but somebody has to do it...soon we'll recieve a bonus..

Realizing that its on us...there's not a problem we can't fix..we can do it in the mix...

Realizing that its on us..the answer is in front of us all we have to do is look us...blessings received from the ultimate Help Desk...

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