Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Please!! Nobody Is Waiting On You!!

Time keeps on slipping slipping!! into the future!!  that’s per Steve Miller

O-Zone keeps dipping on them..I was way way out there!! .staying a step or two ahead… please!!  jokers act brand new with ya!!  like  they don’t feel ya! 

Please!! nobody is waiting for you!! unless its the Carolina Panthers looking for revenge against New Orleans…anyway; … I can see  how these people play..they’re already dealing with something! 

Nobody is hating on you? what?  please!!  jokers don’t understand us..the drama can jump off like its South Sudan…in Babylon?  there’s always something! 

Nobody is debating you? what?  please!!  in this zone the truth is disputed!! plus check the deliberate falsehood! 

Nobody is related to you after the caper goes  down!! peeping game will provide proof… some are acting false in the hood!
Please!! Nobody Is Waiting On You!! | Whats Really Going On?

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