Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Moved On

They were wondering what happened to me...please!!  like the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs...I just moved on!

O-Dizzle is wandering around the universe!! I kept it moving based on my beliefs...intergalactic with it!!  plus I came back with it!!  a brotha grooved on! 

Whats the dizzle?  for some relief is a dollar and a dream away per the Mega Millions jackpot...meanwhile a brotha proved on and on again to these earthlings that he's not a crackpot...he's official!

 Like in South Sudan...I hear of wars and rumours of wars!! after  smoking khat, taking meth or hitting the crack pipe jokers in other spots fight over turf that's artificial! 

Whats up man? this art is official!! as we put it down like this!!! we couldn't front! 

Not out here swagging like Kanye West!!  pundits in the media will be boasting and bragging!! now saying we couldn't gather and hunt!

 O-Zone drops this math..its not a stunt;  nobody was stressed...this is no Bernie Madoff Wall Street pyramid scheme! 

Danger zone residents drop due to thought and fashion police tactics!! they're rough on y'all out in these streets...its even rough on our team! 

Plus the drama seems to hit everywhere; local national international ...and even intergalactic! 

From Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg..from Pluto to Mars to Saturn...for the loot? jokers were acting erratic! 

...Even in London the "yoots"  get rowdy!! it's going down from Charlotte /  Mecklenburg to Oakland...Saturn in Saturnalia? in New Jersey jokers were getting open! 

How was I responding? by not stopping!! I recognized the pattern; now I move on!! I don't stop get it get it!!  now getting open! 

How was I responding?  Sonic Assaults are unleashed on the masses! 

Intergalactic!!  transponding / transcending / transforming!! during the process?  conducting seminars and classes!

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