Saturday, December 14, 2013

Are Your Serious?

Its going down;  like Kim Jong Un having his uncle executed…now I’m asking the question;  are you serious? 

Its going  down; my response?  once again it’s on!! ..breakbeat scientific methods are executed..the brand new funk and good word is dropped!! now  jokers ask me;  are you  delirious? 

I told them to read between the lines!!  but damn!! it still got me banned from Blogster! 

I told them to read the signs…things are stereotypical!!  plus the radio /  stereo is pitiful!!  part of a plan?  more smoke enhanced by mirrors!! just another a fog for ya? 

Meanwhile O-Dog will rock for ya!!  while O-Zone has a story to tell! 

Dogs bark up the wrong tree like NSA domestic spying? damn!! now its  its hard being O-D-O-G.. with so much drama in the ATL!

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