Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Fighting Like The Greatest Of All Time

The saga / struggle continues.... I'm fighting like the greatest of all time! 

That would be Muhammad know the deally? when that brotha was in his prime! 

How did they expect a Louisville brotha to be?  time and time again I have to show and prove!

Others know whats up with the Ville....they know it's real!! they leave then  go back like Bobby Petrino!! they didn't have to move! 

Word to Charlie Strong!! dealing with Clint Eastwood / Gran Torino type scenarios per Red McCombs! 

Word from a brotha trying to stay strong with the persona of a dread!! but rocking a baldy!! no need for the combs! 

A brotha roams the universe!! lone survivor behavior is exhibited? I kept it moving!! good things happen that way! 

Life is a marathon..but check the arrival... using the drum and verse as vehicles!! but these haters will get in the way! 

Transmitting Live bruh!! but roadblocks are set up at the bridge like in Fort Lee New Jersey per Gov. Christie..the saga / struggle continues!

The system knocks the hustle!! they'll take it to the bridge!! they'll even unleash toxics in West Virginia's Elks River..the  saga / struggle continues per chefs in hells kitchen with ill menus!

The system knocks the hustle in different venues...please!! the drama is local, national, international and intergalactic..

I'm still standing though..I'm fighting like the greatest of all time!! O-Zone will rebuke a fanatic..

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