Sunday, January 15, 2017

Concepts Revisited: Spiritual Significance In This Operation PT.7

 Concepts are revisited like family reunions during the just concluded holiday season...

There's Spiritual Significance In This Operation!! a self imposed obligation was the reason...

Minister of music and defense!! that's the new vocation!! seasons / reasons elaborated...

Even coming to the defense of John Lewis per Trump all talk no action comments!! some still hated..

What's up y'all? even Rand Paul tried to pile on like he was sacking the quarterback!! the hatred goes back..

What can you expect from a Kentuckian; these Mitch McConnell types were trying to take things back...
I had to hit the reset button;  plans for us to fail are rebuked!! per this Sonic Assault spots will get nuked by the Disco Inferno like we were the Trammps!! but starting all over again will be rough.

Ignored the punishment glutton and the naysayer; staying strong, praying for Eddie Long may he rest in peace!! some are  gonna learn bro!! with this good word and the amps a brotha had to call their bluff.

Troops are deployed / funky loops are deployed per the spiritual significance of this operation! but haters compared us to narco-guerillas from the Bluff near the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to Victory Park and the Parkhill Projects up in Louisville.

Troops are deployed from Syria to Poland per NATO, so whatcha know?  Falcons get to run another play bro, at the Georgia Dome per beating the Seahawks,  so how does that feel?

Loops are destroyed in the lab; Sonic rehab!!  spiritual significance aka mechanical engineering?  that's the deal.

Good word dropped; concepts revisited but avoiding one just out of rehab; reset buttons not set properly? so what's the real deal?


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