Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Perspective PT.3 (Terrible /Terrific Tuesday)

Another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday has rolled around;  constituents try to determine the perspective. 

So what it do?  how will it go down?  will the outlook be positive or negative? 

We drop this good word plus funky grooves on the collective,  per being breakbeat scientific. 

You heard?  riding down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Groove Collective with Fly!!!  we're crossing borders making a break for it!!

 You heard?  life is hectic!! damn!!  executive orders from Trump has everybody mad at him. 

Arabs / Blacks / Mexicans and Women are angry!!  even McCain and Graham,  fellow Republicans. 

Lab techniques are enhanced by this brother man,  as the rebuttal is prepared.

Rather Unique like AZ from back in the day,  others were in the huddle scared. 

This math is unique, so everybody ain't able!!  thought and fashion police give the side eye / stank eye!! others weren't ready for Super Bowl 51 like the Falcons and Patriots. 

This path is unique!! refugee status like Wyclef plus Lauryn and Pras and them, Ready or Not!!  per immigration bans? some are not considered patriots.

...Plus hatred is heavy on some hearts;  the level of scorn is turned up a few degrees!

What's the perspective?  being built or torn down per debatable circumstances?  man please! 

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