Friday, January 27, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT. 9 (Flashback Friday Edition)

We're trying to keep it going on this so called Flashback Friday!! we're trying  to keep flowing without the  Dakota Access pipeline type of water stagnation. 

We're trying to keep growing!! meanwhile snitches need to give the cash back and try another way!! the sport is complex, even though Dakota Prescott brought the Dallas Cowboys a long way this is another situation..

We're trying to keep growing!!  bear witness to the harvest from the secret gardens rebuking Dred Scott Decisions with precision...

We're not showing pimp / player type ways per the Quincy Jones Secret Garden background music!! this is another situation..

It's not a simple thing!! the streets won't issue pardons!! please!!  there's no pity from the street committee, they're not having it. 

Pimp / players ball in Philly? GOP Retreats are going down plus Trump will holla at Putin!!  is it the truth they're disputing? plots and schemes for unraveling it? 

What's up yall? we're trying to keep it going!! beats thump per The Sonic Assault for what it's worth plus there's word from the salt of the earth!! check the flavor.

Staying busy! I kept it moving while here on earth!!  check the situation as the Doomsday Clock will tick!!  per digital crate digging O-Dog visited the  Doomsday Vault!! you may have caught me putting work in trying to save ya.

Who's part of the conspiracy? Hunger Games Peacekeepers will creep up on us trying to monitor our behavior, clocking the style.

What it do? what it does? hunger and thirst keeps a dude in these games!!  my priority?  dropping these funky styles.

What it do? what it does? we're trying to keep it going on this Flashback Friday!! my mind flashes back to strategies used back in the day, but they're updated..

Retro-futuristic, peeping game I didn't miss it!! I can see my kind are still hated..

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