Monday, January 30, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT.10

We're Trying To Keep It Going!! still checking things out,  looking at the pictures. 

We're Trying To Keep It Going!! wrecking things per this breakbeat science?  a crook bringing these scriptures? 

Whatcha knowing? who's wrecking things like Trump with executive orders?  everybody's  mad at him!   Blacks  / Arabs / Mexicans and women!!

Folks are bitter y'all /  #NoBanNoWall  trends on Twitter y'all / dude is disrespecting things!!  a player chilling with the daughter of chaos sharing semen?

Who's rolling with y'all? different demons collaborate,  they tailgate at hell's gates like it was Houston and  Super Bowl 51..

Earlier? we were rolling down I-10 towards Houston per the Gulf Coast Escapades, exposing charades;  different visions used by this dude!!  I had to tell a hater I'm not the one.

Who'll work with ya when your caught up in storms like on I-10 passing through New Orleans?  No Kool and The Gang Hollywood Swinging!! please!!  no SAG Awards are won.

What kind of work did some do per the  English Avenue / Vine City type of business? rocking Atlanta Falcon gear while   in the Bluff / hood slinging!!  soon out on I-20 in Atlanta dragging in Honda Accords and Dodge Chargers,  so who really won?

Fast and furious,  but this dude is curious; it's rough on the boulevard / avenue so  who's the one sparking the revolution?

We're trying to keep it going but it's famine or feast dealing with the beast;  so who's side are you on?

The Alberta Clipper or the polar vortex will flex as January morphs into February;  there's nowhere to run or hide son!

What's the deal with it?  it's a cold world but a Cold War can warm up!! Gorbachev said  prepare for it or will  Trump / Putin  continue the bromance?  Trump / McCain mention World War 3  per a 2016 to 2017 evolution.

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