Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Saga / Uphill Struggle Continues PT.2

We're bearing witness to the outcome;  confusion, failure and frustration after the fable was believed?

Breakbeat scientific business is handled, per the saga / uphill struggle that continues!!   we pulled out the drum!!  it's the real deal Holyfield!! it wasn't counterfeited. 

A fake one was comforted by the status quo,  but a biopsy was done on vinyl, cassettes and reality by Doctor O !! whatcha know? broken beats and English are manipulated!! did he make a mess of it?

Comfort zones are confronted!!  the pain and anguish made us get aggressive with it. 

Fronting, faking, flexing and swagging occurred out there!! angelic and demonic forces were aggressive with it!

Frontlines of spiritual warfare? some said it's beyond them, what should they do? we had to struggle and fight,  out there where angels and demons were possessive with it..
Ecclesiastes 1:1- 17 mentioned the vanity of vanities; all is vanity!! on Soul Train the Gap Band mentioned Going In Circles!!  it's a big world somebody will understand me...

..But society hates; when lights blinked on the instrument panel on the mothership automatic pilot kicked in; damn!! now I'm on earth where  I noticed souls were in pain!! damn!!  where did it land me?  

Society debates the Obama legacy while I roll down I-20 in Atlanta where these urban legends will be dipping in Dodge Chargers and Dodge Challengers... 

What will the Trump legacy be? Russia pulled his file to check the style? charge it to the game, while others find out what the mannequin challenge is?

This HumpDay Extravaganza will relieve the pressure that is felt, after loaded dice were rolled and bad cards were dealt..

Beats thump and the good is dropped!! The Saga / Uphill Struggle Continues!! that's what the constituents felt!!

Check out The Uphill Struggle Mix PT.2

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