Monday, January 23, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT.5

We're trying to keep it going!! once again it's on,  like it always is and always was!! 

We're trying to keep it going!! excuse the different vision from these different actors and actresses that occupy the scene!!  15 minutes of buzz? 

What's really going on? different factors led to the litigating of actors and actresses in the game;  Stacey Dash 15 minutes of fame type of pursuit? 

Mitigating factors prevented next level movements!! somebody mentioned alternative facts!  some were too cute!

Legitimate? some are still hating!! they didn't give a hoot who you were like John Lewis

What's the deal with it? some are still hating,  but holla at the CIA,  they're acting brand new with this.

Brand new with this?  Pope Francis has the wait and see approach. 

Wishing and hoping by Atlanta Falcons land them in the Super Bowl!!  cheeseheads develop coping strategies per the off season approach..

ATLiens rock Atlanta Falcon gear proudly!! Ain't No Stopping Us Now by McFadden and Whitehead the theme song? 

We continue to rock, we're trying to keep it going!! of course opposition is met,  some were spazzing on a dread!! that team was wrong!!

Rest in peace / power to Eddie Long, earthlings were wrong!! they fronted / flexed on a brotha at the end.. 

Please!! The Temptations mentioned Glass Houses back in the day!! how did we work things? the sport is complex but we're trying to keep it going!

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