Friday, January 20, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT.4

What's really going on? we're trying to keep it going!!  science is dropped on the youth and the elders. 

Sonic assaults /  mechanical engineering!!  blue collar like mechanics, engineers and welders.

Rebuking the social engineering!! please!! working hard, my name is stitched on the dark blue uniform!!  what I bring is not the norm,  its unconventional wisdom. 

Promises of nuking received from North Korean types but it's all game;  a hater snitched,  now Geneva and Hague Convention rules were not followed due to the shady dealing.

Promises made at Trump Tower?  explanations were vague about a traditional American!!  I guess I'm like Kanye West left out of the Inauguration Day ceremonies..

Promises made at Trump Tower? no need to petition an American, God is in the blessing business per Sunday morning ceremonies!!

Beats will thump; I've got the power like Snap!! any respect for an American? aw snap!! Thanks to the Obamas for being themselves...

Getting over the hump but this is not the HumpDay Extravaganza, it's Flashback Friday but we're trying to keep it going!  dealing with the ongoing dramas!  old dude told us go on with our bad selves!!

O-Dog? he's a bad dude!! pulling CD's, vinyl and cassettes off of shelves!! while typing this?  listening to Black Box, Everybody, Everybody!!

O-Zone? considered rude with this good word! breakbeat scientific, a black man that rocks!! hyping this,  but it might not be for everybody!!

In this zone? I mentioned everybody ain't able / everybody ain't stable!! I borrowed that concept from the old sista over in Decatur! please!! we're all going through it!!

What's really going on? will this Trump administration be for everybody? I'll keep doing what I do, moving my body!!  please!! we're all going through it!!

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