Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Outside walking; Walking On Sunshine like Rockers Revenge? I'm outside breathing fresh air,  soaking up Capricorn sun rays.

Wasn't balking!! per Thursday's full moon?  I'm still downloading cosmic information from storm shelters,  soon running plays. 
Coding and cosmic slopping!! safe havens / safe harbors?  some storm shelters were full or it was hard to interface. 

Street coding? oh yes! never quiting / stopping  so I beg your pardon!!  not liking too many people in my face.

The mode in this thing? I was going off on a tangent; Transcending..Transforming...out there in the stream of consciousness.

Structure corroding?  civil rights icon John Lewis vs Donald Trump? another day at the office, trying to get over the hump, going off with this!! 

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