Tuesday, January 17, 2017

So, What's Good On A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?

 It's another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so what's the perspective? so what's good? some had an extra day to lounge due to MLK Day, others had to clock in...

What's the perspective, positive or negative? so what's good? not Trump disrespecting John Lewis an MLK protege!! but we know how those type of jokers play; hustles? they'll knock them!!
The Fifth District was also disrespected even though we're still trying to get over the hump, struggling!! some were laughing at us but not a damn thing is funny!  things have gotten real! 

In response? this good word is dropped and beats thump!! some aren't feeling me, maybe it's this math I bring!!  excuse me for not being a comedian,  I kept it real.

A Louisville representative, typing this on Muhammad Ali's birthday!! that's the deal!!  fighting my demons like you probably do!! hopefully they won't team up on us! 

...Like hearing the I have a dream speech on MLK Day? or maybe like Al Sharpton in DC this past weekend we hear no peace and no justice. 

...Or is it no justice no peace? please!!  you know how it works,  don't front!!

What's up cousin?  please!!  like Russia with the Trump dossier I'm out here doing the knowledge!!  don't tell me a brotha doesn't gather and hunt. 

What's up cousin? a brotha will conduct Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible type moves!! sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but I'm in the hunt like the Steelers and Falcons in the playoffs. 

...Along with the Patriots and Packers!! others can pack their gear up. 

Too bad for these jokers I spotted that weren't True To Atlanta!!  rolling through the ATL rocking Giants and Cowboys gear,  trying to rack up points in the hood.

...From New Yorkers who aren't native like Odyssey mentioned to those following America's team; during this ongoing odyssey like the GOP vs Obamacare some will plot and scheme!!  so what's good? 

Some will even ask what's hood? maybe it'll be like shooting up the MLK celebration in Miami...

 So, What's Good On A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? positive or negative outlooks? called out by crooks?  Trump meets MLK III asking, why don't black people  understand me?


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