Thursday, January 26, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT.8

We're trying to keep it going!! moving targets are hard to hit so this brotha is dodging bullets.

Moving!! like I was ducking and diving in Chicago where Trump is ready to send the Feds!! meanwhile I'm down here in the A-Town, in the heart of it!! I left Kentucky where they still wear mullets.

Moving!! grooving!! down here in the ATL where constituents wear Atlanta Falcons gear proudly! what's up with me? I'm listening to Falcon Funk with Pounce!! more bounce to the ounce!! down I-20 I ride!!

Moving!!  grooving!! dealing with Trump policies set up to make us fail?  actually?  it goes down worldwide.

We're trying to keep it going, exposing fallacies as we slide through the portal like D Wade and Jimmy Butler knowing how the sport will go!! we're ducking and diving like we're in  the movie Patriot's Day!!

We're trying to keep it going per the Gulf Coast Escapades!! it's like ducking and diving down I-10 on the way to Houston to see the Falcons and New England Patriots play!! 

Dodging Swift trucks plus gamblers out for a fast buck!!  they  have it all messed up!! I see how these so called patriots are trying to play!!  they've got me ducking and diving!! I'm taking these meals with a grain of salt.

Others tossed the food out, but I would be a fool if I didn't go all out!! we're trying to keep it going!! reflecting per this Throwback Thursday!! arriving in the ATL on the Mothership aka the Buick Regal, coming through!!! providing flavor like salt.

Others flossed, fronted, flexed, swagged or whatever!! Hollywood / Beverly Hills /   La La Land residents caught up in the game? 

Brothas like me tossed these Thursday Thoughts out in the atmosphere!! no Jane Hathaway Beverly Hillbillies bird watching!! not catching the blame...

We're trying to cherish the day per Robert Glasper and Lalah Hathaway!! we're trying to keep it going!!

We're trying to get a grasp on how jokers are trying to play from GOP Retreats to out here in these ATL streets! we're trying to keep it going!!

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