Thursday, January 19, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT.3

Damn!! the schedule was messed up just like this world is!!  but we're trying to keep it going, we proceed and continue.

Damn!! it seems I rested up in the struggle like it was a comfort zone!! I was chilling but now it's  like a datsuzoku ; I'm acting like I knew..

Once again it's on!! freedom is a constant struggle per Angela Davis so I misbehave with this as I make something out of nothing!! I make it do what it do!!

Once again it's on!! the saga / struggle continues!!  typing this during the last few hours of the Obama administration!! facing confusion / frustration per Trump misbehaving? we'll see what it do...

Once again it's on!! the saga / struggle continues!! we're trying to keep it going but there's more drama due to the hating!!  snitches fessed up like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden!  they told on themselves and others!! were embellishments compromised? probably, but I knew how they would act.

What's the schedule?  we're trying to keep it going!! switches are hit / buttons are pushed!! CD's , vinyl and cassettes are pulled out of the garage for the sonic barrage!!  maybe helping  folk who are stressed up in this piece!! I'm  seeing how they act.

But I see punishment gluttons do what they do! for 2017?  their schedule didn't change, I knew they wouldn't act right.

Letting it do what it do?  like Trump Cabinet confirmation hearings I even saw rehearsals held for their roles in the drama!!  they'll try to get their act right.

Acting like we knew!! beats thump and good word dropping!! working blue collar style!! we're trying to keep it going!!

Excuse me for having a different vision!! cosmic slopping due to intergalatic journeys out beyond Mars and Pluto!! going for what we're knowing!!

We kept on living per the old school Baptist preacher's advice; it meant having faith; getting back in the game like  Tiger Woods? 

We kept on living!! we're trying to keep it going, but as the mothership kept flowing down I-20 in Atlanta I can see things are tight in these hoods..

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