Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT.2

We're trying to keep it going  / going for what we're knowing!!  the platform is this Humpday Extravaganza!!  breakbeat scientific insight is dropped. 

Gamblers out for a fast buck are showing their hands!! that's not the norm was heard as conclusions were jumped to by thought and fashion police!!  before the Markieth Loyd type of beatdown were Miranda rights read?  the madness never stopped!

We can't trust to luck per Ms. Peters the fourth grade teacher, so during the storm beats bumped!!  we cosmic slopped,  shining like the Aurora Borealis.

Obamacare struck down? the heat is on!! during the storm streets jumped due to protests!!  progress stopped per a Trump GOP regime?  we see what the deal is. 

Obama approval ratings are off the charts!! we wish he could keep it going for four more years but we know what the deal is...

This brotha  is trying to keep it going!! we'll  be using breakbeat science!! it's considered unconventional weapons and wisdom!!  we're not working with them with those that are illing!! we know what the deal is...

This brotha  is trying to keep it going!  per Isaiah 63:7-9 divine intervention takes place to let me know I'm on the right path!!  not trying to get hurt with them and those!!

....As they work with demons!! some will say it's something about improving inner cities per Ben Carson / Steve Harvey / Donald Trump!!  crime prevention per McGruff?  who has the right math?  the devil will oppose...

...some are like Siemens engineering!! but they engage in social engineering!! trying to make some on the team change.

They're trying to keep it going,  driving lemons with the daughter of chaos riding shotgun!! like Cameo, she seemed strange.

Didn't like it!! we continue to fight it!! please!! we're trying to keep it going!!

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Steve Arrington talking about nobody can be you but you; so we're going for what we're knowing!!

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