Tuesday, January 24, 2017

We're Trying To Keep It Going PT.6

 We're trying to keep it going!! another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday has rolled around..

Whatcha knowing? is a positive or negative outcome expected? sometimes it can be both, check out how it goes down...

...It depends on the perspective,  meanwhile over in the UK they're worried about Brexit, up in Kentucky they're worried about the Wildcats from UK breaking a record

It depends on the perspective, famine or feast per the Trump election? meanwhile I'm over in the DJ booth / section breaking a record..

So, what's the perspective?  damn!!  some folk mentioned they knew they were doomed!! I  see question marks over their heads like old school  newspaper cartoons.

Beats? English? we wrecked them!! beats boomed plus this good word is catching them!!  soon the session sparks flames..it's a disco inferno..check the tunes.

Per the Tuesday motivation? we're trying to keep it going as Impressions were made like Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler!! we kept on pushing through these networks.

What's the situation? impressions made?  we see you per parking the vehicle at the International Space Station,  peeping game like we had a Hubble Telescope!! dealing with pundits, power brokers and so called experts.

What's the situation?  ready for it?  Ready For The World like that group?  ready for the works?  God gives us strength since we've got Diplomatic Immunity.

...So we Exercise Power, we're trying to keep it going but they had us caught out there!!  rolling out here on I-20 in Atlanta dipping and dodging these wannabes rolling in Dodge Chargers and Challengers!!  we still dipped back to the community.

Last hour  / last hour heroics? please!! we're out here dealing with these stoics trying to act brand new with you and me!! 

Whatcha know about it? these gamblers are out for a fast buck with plans of making a pile of money on you!! but we're trying to keep it going even though they act brand new with you and me!!

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