Friday, January 13, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (The Friday The 13th / Full Moon Aftermath Edition)

It's going down!! we're still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta  as we bear witness to the Full Moon In Cancer after affects.

It's going down!! it's also Friday The 13th, so how will we work things? we drop this breakbeat scientific business,  knowing a fool will disrespect.

The Doobie Brothers already told us what a fool believes!! like a Trump Russian dossier  I expected constituents to do the knowledge.

They'll lose these brothers as the golden rule deceives!! the devil will oppose ya per the old school baptist preacher!! the constitution guaranteed rights and privileges?

2017 next level moves?  per Matthew 3:11 a baptism in fire awaits some of us!! but other constituents were subject to the authority or subjects to the drama royalty.

2017 next level moves? I still holla at you after rolling down I-20 in Atlanta doing the knowledge as the mothership gets good mileage per dodging the drama kings and queens ruling a hostile territory!!
Earlier? it was quiet but now the storm is in front and back of mine!! it's like the China Red Alert per the smog / fog!! but some said they'll try to ride it out.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta dealing with it on this Friday The 13th!! going for mine but  everything is not working!! during the storm we noticed that the structure is flimsy!! the shack was rattling from the high winds!! in closets?  some will hide out.

..Minds Blown This Time like Delfonics...blown away like a trailer park during the storm  when corrupt ones start tattling like Christopher Steele!! others are ready to ride out , ride like the wind like Christopher Cross, so what's the deal?  they're down for the cause.

O-Dog?  chilling out in Atlanta rolling down I-20 in Atlanta as I ride like the wind!!  parking lot or trailer park pimping in the red clay down here in Georgia? strategies fail ya!! you'll have to pause.

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors? enhancing horrors and terrors!! reluctant warriors per the Friday the 13th, plus the full moon aftermath? 

Jokers still danced with the devil!! one of these days a fool will do the math..


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