Thursday, September 14, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong PT. 10 (The Conclusion)

Don't get me wrong!!  Sunday Jazz and Digital Crate Digging Continues! it's going down!!

Hip Hop / Jazz /  Funk and Soul music purveyors and curators meet at the crossroads to put it down!

..Especially on this Throwback Thursday!! these breakbeat scientists  didn't quit and didn't stop surveying the lands / wilderness to find out what the deal is!

Being hungry / thirsty has us tracking movements like scientists / meteorologists and others concerned with global warming tracked  Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma; Mr T will pity the fool  / slow learner who didn't know what the real is. 

What kind of work will it be? what? tracking movements?  NSA still does! they didn't slow down due to the Edward Snowden episode. 

What kind of work will it be? macking / show and proving?  down here in the ATL wannabe macks and divas violate the street code.

Code enforcement officers needed? jokers are violating, straight up and down!! that was the hip hop cliche from the 90's. 

Hating?  even  though Trump and Rep. Tim Scott discussed it,  it's still going down from Charlottesville to your ville!  some won't to take things back to before the 60's. 

Don't get me wrong!! for some?  there's been no improvement!!  this breakbeat scientific movement will expose the charades.

Don't get me wrong!! this is the concept finale,  but we still conduct sonic assaults / raids.

Per Throwback Thursday?  Lakeside mentioned Raids of the dance floor so some know the score..

That is, until they try to take Fantastic Voyages; reality discourages them shutting the door..

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