Friday, September 29, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Still Rocking The Red and Black Louisville Cardinals Hat) PT.3

Writing this on a Flashback Friday; still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but my mind flashed back to days in Louisville,  rolling down Broadway and Muhammad Ali Blvd;  that "back in the day"  type of knowledge is dropped. 

..Similar to General Russell Honore in reference to The Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria response by Trump based on the General's experience with Hurricane Katrina? that type of knowledge is dropped.

What's up with it? the S.O.B honor came flying back around after Trump extended it to Colin Kaepernick!  but in honor of the Funkadelics beats thumped / we cosmic slopped!! damn!!  up in Louisville? that's how we were brought up!!

.. Plus we were wise to the set up;  in the system / matrix?  it's easy to get caught up. 

The matrix architect was sick with it / slick with it; up in Louisville  like Slick Rick Pitino? 

What's up with it? damn!!  every good run comes to an end, per Flashback Friday we ride off the set with Dougie Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew with Slick Rick listening to The Show. 

Whatcha know?  per Flashback Friday? we'll take it back to the future!! we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! this is for real. 

...It's based on catching hell per Natalie Cole; through Babylon we roll, still rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinals hat knowing the struggle is real. 

This brotha knows the deal along with others, but some are confused like North Korea concerning Donald Trump..

Another knows the struggle is real!! it's an uphill one!! we're all trying to get over the hump...

Still rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat in the midst of all this and that.. 

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta; stopped over on Candler Road in Decatur!! the old sister told me to go on with that!!


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