Sunday, September 10, 2017

late night vibes...

Sunday Jazz Continues; my constituents are in chill mode on this day of reflection...

Much respect to my people in Florida dealing with Hurricane Irma; plus Hurricane Harvey victims we're respecting...

Reflecting on this day of reflection!! at another intersection NFL football is celebrated!! any Colin Kaepernick boycotts? 

Boy please!! the masses are not hearing that y'all; you know they'll fall for the latest scheme / plot!!

We're chilling out; we're not having it!! we're chilling out in the lab in the middle of the day like it's a late night, check the vibes..

We're dealing with it; out here with a flashlight in the daylight looking for it? we fired up the melting pot, cooking it!!  conducting sonic rehab!! check the playlist and the mix per late night vibes...

0:00 idealism - dont say a word 
2:22 through & through - mom. 
 4:52 Aso - Lucid Dreams

7:37 fujitsu - too far gone
9:21 Arbour - elusive 
10:54 Philanthrope - RealEstate 
12:32 idealism - midnight, somewhere 
15:47 Harris Cole - Louie's lullaby
18:39 fujitsu - azure
20:49 Knowmadic - Fade
23:26 jinsang - undersea 
24:36 KUPLA - Still Breathing
27:17 nohidea. - you don't have to cry

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: late night vibes...

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