Thursday, September 28, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Still Rocking The Red and Black Louisville Cardinals Hat) PT.2

Still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! check out this Throwback Thursday type of business!!  I put on for my city like Young Jeezy and Kanye West. 

Still rocking the red and black Adidas, plus the red and black Louisville Cardinals hat even though the city is under siege /  being stressed.

Snitches confessed;  now Rick Pitino will step off and  the House Of Cards comes tumbling down!!  its like a Game of Thrones. 

Ditches were blessed / littered back in the day per the Throwback Thursday type of business;   they were full of defective clones.

Son of bitches mentioned by Trump?  what's really going on? O-Zone mentioned karmic repercussions previously!!  devious will be the outcomes like Obamacare repeal fiascos!!  McCain repaying Trump for the insults? 

We're hitting switches as beats thump while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! danger zone business handled with the percussions!! unconventional weapons used in the ongoing discussion with members of these cults. 

Instrumentals are monumental,  but no odes to Confederates!!  illegitimate?  the results are in like the Maury Show! 

Instrument in the ongoing process aka madness? damn!!  I guess in the end the results will show.  

Dealing with it per this Throwback Thursday type of business!!  still rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinals hat even in the midst of the so called scandal.

Throwback Thursday type of business?  it's like I'm up in Louisville riding down Broadway or Muhammad Ali in the Buick Regal or hooptie listening to Roger and Zapp!!  more bounce to the ounce,  plus when I hooped?  I had a handle!

These days? rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, confronting a vandal trying to vandalize my aura with the reign of terror..

Rolling!! somebody might understand a brotha when I say in love or war?  nothing is fair..

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