Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong PT .7

 Don't get me wrong!! digital crate digging continues but there's two sides to the game like Gemini

Don't get me wrong!! this good word is dropped!! jokers are still hating like Trump telling DACA constituents to self-deport; old girl said the Devil Is A Lie!

What it do? what it does? missions? some will self-abort!!   Otis Redding mentioned trying a little tenderness but behind the scenes / behind the curtains? deals were made in backrooms.

Shady merchants / politicians / clergy and even the shady media were the new type gangsters!!  they'll get hit up when the O-Dog track booms.

In the lab? old tracks like Dream Merchants by New Birth are cut up / chopped up / destroyed then remanufactured.

While dreamers wait on Congress to gamble with their fate mechanical engineering takes place rebuking the social engineering that's in our face!!  check out these breakbeat scientific plans and processes implemented to fix souls that are fractured.

What's the case? dude said don't get him wrong!!  he didnt believe in global warming even after Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma started swerving!!

Al Gore spoke about it, in the weather forecast Al Roker joked about it meanwhile we span the globe brainstorming.

Hooked up the podcast to give my folk a warning!! don't get me wrong!! you'll have to excuse me for being a music freak per that song by a group called Contagious..

The crooks? we outlast them!!  from last to first and first to last was the catch phrase / cliche; who's acting fake with us?

The books? they're studied, plus we download information from the Full Moon In Pisces..

The looks after a crooks egos are bruised / bloodied? don't get me wrong it's all love, but those looks are priceless..

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