Friday, September 22, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Riding Into A New Season)

What it do people? check out these I-20 Chronicles as we ride into the Fall Equinox,  a new season..

What it do people? how will we respond to these and those? like a dotard or rocket man needing a new reason?

A hater with a new treason? we're peeping game,  acting like we knew per these last few hours of Summer 2017 that are experienced;  fall is on deck. 

Word from this funky drummer? I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to The Jimi Hendrix Experience!! it's going down  from  these I-20 Chronicles to the Outback Chronicles, per being outback working on my deck.

So what's up with a brotha? breakbeat scientific business is on deck!!  influenced by this Flashback Friday.

Retro- futuristic!!  going back and moving forward in the pursuit of freedom!! I see some and wouldn't want to be some!! I gave the cash back and I'm doing things my way. 

What's up with it? I see how some are trying to play!! oh yes!! I see the defiance that was exhibited.

What's up with it?  I see some are in the ATL flashing pistols while others play it on another level like  North Korea and Iran, with  missiles exhibited.  

...Like the game was played in Iraq per the oil and  minerals in Afghanistan? so what's up man?   money made off the books per The Beatnuts and Big Pun?  worldwide? I spotted the rude boy as he dipped to Dubai in the Saab.

Armed and dangerous is how it is!!  I lay in the cut chilling,  rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the old school broke down 1990's Toyota Camry on some Flashback Friday business; per the ATL life? I'm  listening to some old Goodie Mob.

Did I need to leave the 90's? actually you won't find these brothers playing around with the new school corrupt ones; reminded per this Flashback Friday business of being back in the Ville aka Newburg / Louisville dealing with those that steal or rob like pirates did  in Somalia;  these days? a lot of them dead or upstate with it.

Breakbeat scientific? I dipped to black holes now I come back to save white, brown, yellow and black souls!! taking care of business, the style? per the Fall Equinox I upgraded it.

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