Thursday, September 07, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong PT.8

 Don't get me wrong!! digital crate digging continues but it's time for these ghetto editorials

Breakbeat scientific principles are followed, it's not like Al Roker vs Rush Limbaugh, concerning Hurricane Irma, territorial..

 Who shakes it up? damn!! snitching is in epidemic proportions!! jokers do it so they can keep shining!! a loud one rolls in.

Who breaks all up in the spot like a burglar? O-Dizzle is accused of being a gangster / hustler / murderer?  out on I-20 in Atlanta loud music plays in the hooptie when he rolls in.

Who'll work with me on this Throwback Thursday? what's the dizzle? everybody wasn't able to understand a brotha? these are the breaks like Curtis Blow, that back in the day type jam.

These are the breaks...that's per O-Dizzle as he solves the riddle!! breakbeat science is dropped along with cuts and samples!! that's how O-Dog will flow when he plays the jam.

Avoiding the fakes rolling like Vladimir Putin giving advice about North Korea!! check the scenario,  I'm laying in the cut like what!!  it's like I'm on some back in the day parking lot pimping. 

Avoiding the fakes, but my heart and spirit has me praying for the corrupt and their wicked ways!!  may they cease from troubling.  

That's per Job 3-17 , now we're on the scene with this Throwback Thursday type of business!! that's what's exhibited!!  this is how we're dealing with this and that.

Ready to roll after observing the scene!!  don't get me wrong but I go back and move forward,  confirming accusations of being futuristic.

How did I roll? don't get me wrong, I didn't miss it!   I moved ahead in the game then I came back around.

The Lord is blessing it!! what?  this endeavor,  as I drop this good word and bring back that sound.

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