Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (It's Another HumpDay Extravaganza)

We're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! it's going down!! another HumpDay Extravaganza is taking place!! damn! it's a blessing to be here. 

...Trying to get over the hump;  let the music play,  plus someone will understand a brotha!! we're all stressing,  it's rough out here

Life is hectic!!  it'll have you in the dumps like the funk I just smelled while passing through Ellenwood.

...Out off of Moreland Ave;  masses disrespected per landfills around mansions?  environmental racism? we're not in Kansas anymore but you can tell we're in the hood.  

We knew the score as we rolled down the avenue listening to Tell Me Something Good!! that was the jam from Rufus and Chaka Khan!! but I wonder what some are on per the behavior. 

...They fell for synthetics, it wasn't wood / it wasn't authentic!! check the behavior.  

Ray Lewis said he prayed for ya!! that's why he was on two knees instead of one. 

Act like you knew this!! previously mentioned?  no weapons formed would work!  oh yes! he was the one. 

Who'll come undone?  Trump said the rocket man per weapons formed in North Korea.

Who'll come undone?  Trump's picture on packages of heroin down in Florida along with Escobar's  and El Chapo's?  now Chuck Rosenberg acting head of the DEA resigns; damn!!  check the scenario. 

Meanwhile we go for what we know!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta drinking an energy drink and eating some Hot and Spicy Grippos!!  starting a ruckus like Chuck Norris or maybe like Steven Seagal running off at the mouth? naw!! we're down south getting breakbeat scientific per this HumpDay Extravaganza.

Check the style,  it's a big world / universe;  somebody might understand a brotha.

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