Monday, September 25, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Another Monday Morning Edition)

Check out these I-20 Chronicles per this Monday morning!!  as I "holla at my kinfolk"  like Trump did down in Alabama. 

Bashing Kaepernick / NFL players and John McCain;  meanwhile storms / rain per Hurricane Maria have hit up Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean!!   plus North Korea threatens more drama. 

What's up with it?  we're maintaining,  but reality is pulling us in another direction. 

The hooptie is barely making it down I-20;  damn!! what's the dizzle?  I hate to spend money on another one,  but I'm headed in that direction.

...Plus that beat perfection is still being pursued by O-Dizzle like he was the Soul Sonic Force and Afrika Bambaataa.

..Plus the internal inspection is still being pursued by O-Zone due to 12th house activity /  the internal drama. 

 We're working it all out in this section!! it's going down from I-20 Chronicles to Outback Chronicles as we respond to these and those. 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta then it's back to the compound / Ponderosa,  the game's not over!!  but like Trump vs Steph Curry the devil will oppose.  

I wasn't in a hurry like these Atlanta rush hour participants! I composed this prose or codex after recognizing the sport was complex... 

In a hurry like the GOP trying to repeal Obamacare  per the Graham -Cassidy Bill before 9 /30? they recognize the sport is complex... 

Who'll work with me? we're out here trying to move to the next level but some are restricted due to new travel bans...

Who'll work with me? opposed by the next devil? they thought I was making plans like Young Stunna;  talking about Popping Rubber Bands..

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