Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We're Sharing This On This Terrible / Terrific Tuesday

I see Trump went at Kaepernick about kneeling;  now others  players were like Steve Arrington. 

They were  weak at the knees like that joint he dropped! it's rough out here,  the madness never stopped!! who's fair with them?

We tweak this breakbeat science in the lab; on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?  we're sharing with them and those. 

Haters wreak havoc around the world from North Korea to your scenario!!  you should know the devil and his advocates will oppose. 

Per these grey area scenarios? I hit my people up with this prose!!  next level business is conducted. 

We rebuke the next devil!! is it those holding power like Equifax with their database corrupted?

What's up with it?  we're moving on per the Fall Equinox as seasons / reasons change. 

What's up with it?  we still fall through acting like we knew!!  doing the damn thing!!

What's up with it? will plans fall through like the GOP trying to repeal Obamacare?

What's up with it? Trump is still going at McCain, so what's up man? karmic repercussions for the disrespect? it's rough out there!!

We'll run up with it!! now check the percussions /  how beats thump, plus the pain is dealt with when this good word is dropped..

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday business will be dealt with in ways that are breakbeat scientific; like Funkadelic your people cosmic slopped...

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