Monday, September 18, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Monday Morning Ranting and Raving)

Here we go again!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta on a Monday;  a dude is ranting / raving; will he try to practice what he preaches?

Breakbeat scientific attitude? oh yes!! but one was rude, yesterday per Sunday a minister was probably  ranting / raving;  no practice before he preaches?

Breakbeat scientific attitude? per Music Monday O-Dizzle will cut up Barry White's Practice What You Preach while others were rolling like Trump on Twitter!! he had to holla at the rocket man in North Korea! free style, off the top of the head attitude / spirit led?

Beats thump, O-Dizzle is not a quitter!! also in the lab cutting up Rocket Man by Elton John, exhibiting a free style!!  oh!! we're still fighting for freedom,  watching what the spirit is fed. 

Foul procedures by the Federation delay joy and elation!! damn!! while rolling through the galaxy / rolling down I-20 I reflect on the few hours left in the summer of 2017; now on this Monday morning I write this. 

Caught up in a unpleasant situation? the old school preacher told me to play on funky drummer, rock out!!  the riot? per the war drums I incite this. 

Check the situation, though I am excited about this Fall / Autumnal Equinox!!  seasons / reasons change. 

Check the situation, excited about this!!  but due to Colin Kaepernick type hustle knocks /  treasons a lot of things we rearrange. 

O-Dizzle locks it down like security!!  plus the uncertainty /  insecurity is dealt with by O-Zone. 

What's the dizzle? per rolling down I-20 in Atlanta  the saga / struggle continues;  once again it's on!!

Who'll understand a brotha with this Monday morning ranting and raving?  some say misbehaving like Hurricane Maria trying to get started out in the Atlantic...

They'll understand me when I say it's been a rough summer due to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma unless they're a slow learner: catching up, soon acting frantic...

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