Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Saga / Struggle Continues (Humpday Extravaganza Business)

The saga / struggle continues, check out the business per this HumpDay Extravaganza. 

The Brotha O-Zone continues to wax poetic,  plus O-Dog will make sure the beats thump!! breakbeat science is dropped in the stanzas.

It's a big world / universe,  so maybe somebody understands a brotha!! unlike Trump at the UN so what's really going on / happening? it's like dealing with Hurricane Maria, we're navigating through these high winds and rains /  smoke and mirrors.

It's a big world / universe,  but the mothership lands in a hostile territory full of horrors and terrors. 

The world crumbles like buildings in Mexico City due to the latest earthquake. 

The good word is dropped and beats rumble, the saga / struggle continues!! we're not yielding per this Sonic Assault on the fake. 

...One step ahead of jake aka Hunger Games Peacekeepers as they creep up on us doing the Capitol's bidding. 

Like the GOP vs Obamacare they conduct "fiery lake by product"  type of business,  history is just repeating. 

It's all game, nothing new under the sun! check the conduct,  emphasized by the Fall Equinox? 

It's all game, nothing new under the sun!! not surprised by these security leaks from Equifax 

We're waiting on all the facts but all we get are attacks like Trump vs Jemele Hill and ESPN; what's really going on / happening?  some are defeating the purpose!

What's up son?  we proceed and continue per this HumpDay Extravaganza!!  bear witness to how we work this. 

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